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Eneticum - Website

To show off my finished or WIP Projects I thought that I couldn't just keep my WordPress Blog with the premade (but nice and responsive) Theme. So I decided I would create a as usual responsive and simple Design for this Portfolio and here we go...
I will continue to add Projects over time so come back later to see more.

You want me to design your Website or (Tumblr) Blog or anything else on the Web?
Contact me ;)

Send me a Mail

EAS - Eneticum Alliance Services

An Auth-as-a-Service like application targeted at EVE Online Alliances and Corporations, based on a node.js backend with a REST API and JS frontend.
Eneticum Alliance Services

Cooking Noobs - Tumblr Blog

For a long time I went swimming each Wednesday Evening with my best friend.
When we stopped doing this we started cooking instead (not only on Wednesdays ;) ) and now we upload pictures of the food we cook or just food we eat in restaurants....

After a long time thinking how to make the Blog look like I finally came up with this Design...

Cooking Noobs

Eneticum - Tumblr Blog

A fresh new Theme excessively making use of 'flexbox' and my (not yet) patented input + css fiter system...

Pretty responsive, though unfinished because I am unhappy with the result of the filtering but CSS still has its limits...

My Tumblr Blog

Eneticum Old Theme - Tumblr Blog

Mainly to show off the Theme I created this Tumblr Blog where I follow some Friends and Artists...
This Theme contains 4 responsive States adapting to the Display Width.

Try scaling your Browser Window down or simply try it on your Tablet or Phone :)

Where this Website uses a minimum of JavaScript, the Tumblr Blog mainly focusses on the use of Javascript to continously load Posts and update the Navigation...

My Tumblr Blog

Babologie - Website

A Friend is really talented in using Photoshop and Adobe Products in general...
What lacks him is the Understanding of HTML and CSS.
So after he showed me his new webdesign approach (which looked really nice in photoshop) I took a look at the Dreamweaver Stuff he generated and I nearly cried.

So I started it from scratch in a few minutes, started over with a completely new CSS file and inserted some of his pictures to finish off the design.

In the end I think it really looks nice, though it is responsive but not mobile optimized (there is a minimum width to make the design work flawlessly).


Eneticum Theme 4 - Tumblr Blog

A Theme heavily focussing on CSS Patterns with a simple maximum Width to adapt well on Mobile Displays...


The Written Wisdom - Tumblr Blog

Tumblr Blog featuring CSS based post filter, CSS animated tabbing and CSS based toggle between single and multi column layout.

The Written Wisdom

Eneticum - Main Page

A simple, empty Wordpress Blog.

Eneticum Business & Hobby - Elementary


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